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5 Plant Based Documentaries That You Should Watch ASAP

Do you want to make changes to improve your health? Do you understand the connection between what you eat & what happens in your body? Do you know the true power of plant based nutrition?

This list of documentaries is for you!

Whole food plant based eating can become easier once you have fully educated yourself about your food choices.

Starting with how they directly impact all aspects of your body-- including your mind.

For example, as much as I am extrinsically motivated by improving the health of our planet, the treatment of all animals, the treatment of the people who work within the food industries, and so on...

My daily food choices are most motivated by improving my own health, preventing chronic diseases, and feeling at peace within my body.

Now don't get me wrong, it's not necessarily easy to get out of your own way.

It's not easy to set your ego aside & realize/accept that you have been largely misinformed about something(s) so important to your general well being. It's not easy to accept that our daily choices are both the problem and the solution.

It's not easy to unlearn. But is very possible and absolutely worth it in every way. And having solid knowledge to base your choices off of seriously helps!

The following documentaries are packed with so much helpful, life saving & empowering information. I hope you take the time to sit down, watch, digest, and reflect on each one.

Here are 5 Plant Based documentaries that can change your life (for the better):

This 2017 documentary highlights the reasons for plant based/vegan eating from a health, environmental, and ethical standpoint. So basically a very informative overview of some of the big issues/corruption we face & the tools we've had all along to improve/heal them. This is the documentary that Joey and I started with. There is a ton of information in this and if you've already watched it, I encourage you to watch it again because I'm sure you'll learn something new!

It is about 1hr 30 mins long.

This is one of the best ones to start with! Released in 2011, Forks Over Knives breaks down some of the most important health benefits of whole food plant based eating and the history of our food and health situations that have led us to how we eat and live now. It explores the possibility that people changing their diets can help prevent, control, and eliminate many diseases including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

It's about 1hr 30 mins (not including credits).

This is also a great one to watch right away! Listen to and learn from top nutrition experts and researchers as they answer the most common questions about whole food plant based nutrition and the human body. An awesome one to learn a ton of simple to understand, yet not widely known, health information in a short amount of time!

It's 1hr and 30 mins and was released in 2016.

This documentary is PERFECT for any current or former athlete. It's also a great one to watch with your significant other and/or kids! This one is very fast paced, informative, fun to watch, and answers all of societies most pressing questions about plant based and/or vegan eating and how it impacts our bodies. Especially, our ability to perform and/or compete.

It's a little less than 2 hrs long and was released in 2018.

WARNING: Please read and understand what I wrote below before watching.

I encourage you to at least watch FOOD CHOICES & another one of these other documentaries before watching this one so you do not get confused by the harmful diet culture misinformation that is spewing out of this one.

There are many things about this documentary that I love! But I have to first point out the fact that even in all of the great, helpful information that they share, their sole focus on weight and sugar is not necessarily the only problem on hand. (Keep in mind the facts that: Your weight is a symptom of your health, not a measure of it. And added sugar is not the only problem with the Standard American Diet.)

What I love about this documentary is the history that is told along with the health information and how it has evolved over time. It shows the huge role that government policies, marketing and advertising, and the food industry as a whole controls what information we know about how to feed ourselves. And the impact of the food we eat… especially in children. It‘s unfortunate to think about how much worse it has gotten since this was released in 2014!

It’s very impactful, fast paced and easy to watch, about 1 hr 30 mins long.

I hope these help you eat more plants!

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