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Richmond, VA: Fresca on Addison

Looking for the best vegan friendly restaurants in Richmond, Virginia? Try this one out!

I recently went on a road trip with one of my besties & we stopped for lunch at this place in Richmond, VA.

Fresca on Addison is a great spot for anyone trying to eat more plants :)

The food was fantastic and the menu is 100% vegan!


It is located at 22 S Addison, Richmond, VA

What I ordered

Apparently they are known for their flatbreads but we ordered:

Falafel sandwich (cut in half to share) which is falafel, red onion, cucumber, grape tomato, spring mix & homemade garlic caesar dressing

& a cup of curried butternut squash soup made with coconut milk and topped with almonds.

Both things were PACKED with delicious flavor! & we could've each eaten a whole sandwich but we were still super full and satisfied after that :)

Let me know if you get the chance to check this spot out & tell me what you get!

I hope this helps!

Bookmark this page for whenever you're looking for a good place to order from or when are traveling to any of these locations & send to a friend :)


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