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Last Minute Thoughtful Gift Guide

Thoughtful gifts, especially this time of year, can be so valuable and helpful.

Over the past few years, I have had some rough holidays for various reasons. Thoughtful little gifts like these, in addition to genuine conversations & quality time have helped me so much.

As we all know, giving thoughtful gifts not only makes the receiver feel good but also the giver! Just because its last minute, doesn't mean it can't be thoughtful!

Almost all of these gifts can be quickly delivered from Amazon or picked up from stores like Target, Walmart, Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, etc.

Here are some thoughtful, last minute gift ideas for the special people in your life:

For the one who likes to cook

This is hands down my favorite kitchen appliance! It saves time, money & effort. Simply add rice and water to the machine & within 20 minutes you'll have perfectly cooked rice every time!

When I received this gift, I didn't think it would be that useful. But now its something I used in my kitchen every day! Great for extra surface space to dry your dishes.

These blenders are great for all blending activities but perfect for soups, smoothies, baby food, and anything else that you don't feel like pouring into a blender. It also saves a lot of space compared to your average standing blender. Great for small kitchens!

For the one who is "going plant based"

I know when I first started eating this way, I started stocking up on herbs & spices. Its the best way to change the flavor of your food and get some extra nutrients. Get your friend some of your favorites or anything that sounds good!

Food storage containers are SO helpful to anyone who cooks, ends up with leftovers, or packs their food for the road. I suggest getting a small or large set depending on what you know the other person already has. If you don't know, I'd get a smaller set so you don't overcrowd their kitchen space.

A good knife, or set of knives can completely upgrade someone's chopping experience. If you know they already have good knives, you can get them a knife sharpener instead!

For the one who is plant based/vegan

This one will definitely be appreciated & utilized! Just make sure you either get it for the store they go to or at least a place around them.

Again, this is the best way for us to change the flavor of your food and they have tons of health benefits. Get your friend some of your favorites or anything that sounds good!

Tea is timeless, comforting, delicious, and almost always vegan (some teas are just vegetarian). I suggest either getting their favorite tea, your favorite tea, a variety pack, or make your own variety pack from your favorites!

For the one who is grieving

When I lost my Mom, it was right before the Holidays. The most helpful gifts I received that year were the ones that made me simply feel comfortable. Items like fuzzy socks, soft pjs, cozy sweaters & sweat pants, loose fitting shirts, etc. can continue to help, even years later.

With the same theme as I just mentioned above, comfy, warm, fuzzy or soft blankets are also incredibly comforting gifts to give and receive.

Positive Books

Positive books are very helpful tools when you are grieving. Reading them can be a great way to keep your mind active and focused on something other than stress, anxiety, pain, sadness and everything else that comes with grief. If they are not someone who typically reads or makes time for reading, I suggest getting easy to read positive books. Here are a few easy read suggestions: Inward, Clarity & Connection, Lighter, & Bloom for Yourself.

For the one who is healing

Whether they already have one or not, journals are timeless gifts that can be great reflecting and healing tools for those who use them. Even if you don't think the person is "into" journaling, maybe your gift can start their journey.

Affirmation/ Mindfulness books

Books with helpful, mindful context can be very encouraging to someone in their healing journey. In addition to the books listed in the section above, I also suggest these books to help someone along their healing/ self love journey: Lighter, Becoming Super Natural, & Your Brain is Always Listening.

I suggest anything that can be comfortably worn. From personal experience, has you heal, your focus becomes less on what you look like and more on how you feel. Items like cozy slippers, soft sweaters, & loose fitting loungewear are great gifts for these people. Pro tip: if you're getting someone slippers, get ones that can be worn both inside and outside.


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