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7 ways to make creamy soup without dairy products

Creamy soup is amazing. But how do you make creamy soup without using cream, cheese or any other dairy products?

I've got some options for you!

1. Blend half of it

Scoop out half of the soup, blend that half in a blender and pour it back into the pot. Or place an immersion blender into the pot and blend it for a few seconds.

2. Blend all of it

Pour everything into a blender, blend it, and the pour it all back into the pot. Or place an immersion blender into the pot and blend it all.

3. Stir in a plant milk

Add some oat or coconut milk (any type of plant milk will work) to your pot. Doing this along with one of the options above will give you the creamiest results.

4. Make a roux

A roux (pronounced like rue) is traditionally made with butter and flour. So you can just use dairy-free butter and whole wheat flour. In a small pan on medium heat, melt some plant butter and stir in a little flour so it forms a thin paste. Once the paste is formed, stir it into your soup and let simmer until it thickens.

5. Use potatoes

Adding potatoes to your soup will make your soup creamier no matter what. For extra potato creaminess, scoop out some potatoes after they are soft. Blend them and add back to your soup.

6. Use beans

Beans have a very similar effect as potatoes on soup. Scooping some up out to blend and leaving others whole seems to be the best method here.

7. Use rice

Add some rice to simmer along with your soup. If adding uncooked rice, be sure to leave it in the soup long enough to fully cook.

Are you ready to make some delicious, creamy soup now?

I hope this helps!


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