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Philadelphia, PA & NYC: Dig

Looking for the best plant based/ vegan friendly restaurants in Philadelphia, PA or New York City?

Try this one out!

Dig is one of our favorite restaurants in Philly to get food from! A great spot for anyone trying to eat more plants (including meat eaters).

This franchise began in NYC and focuses on whole, seasonal ingredients.

The food is delicious & there are a bunch of plant based/ vegan items on the menu!


Dig has two locations in Philadelphia and a bunch of locations in New York City!

In Philly, one is in Rittenhouse Square and the other is in University City.

So if you're in or near Philadelphia or NYC and looking for a great vegan restaurant, I highly recommend checking it out!

What I ordered

I've gotten a few things off of the menu.

Everything I've had is completely DELICIOUS!

They have a semi seasonal menu but they always have these options

Kale Caesar Salad ---this is kale, "farm greens" with mint, tomatoes & cucumbers, avocado, cashew caesar dressing and toasted breadcrumbs. Sometimes I add Maple Glazed Tofu :)

It comes with a container of vegan caesar dressing but the greens already come massaged with the dressing so I normally don't need to add any more on top. {Just my preference but thought I'd share before you dump the whole container on like I did the first time I got this lol}

I usually just squeeze some lemon juice on top, chop everything up & devour.

Seriously one of my all time favorite salads!

Veg only Bowl --these items generally stay the same with a few seasonal options. I usually get the Lemon & Herb Farro, cashew kale caesar, charred broccoli with lemon, roasted sweet potatoes with a side of vegan ranch and a lemon wedge.

The second Veg only Bowl pictured has a few of their delicious seasonal options.

Spiced Farro, Kale Apple Crunch, Golden Brussels, Charred Broccoli with lemon & vegan ranch. Plus a side of sweet potatoes. YUMM!

One of the other outstanding seasonal sides that they have occasionally is t Chili Lime Watermelon. Such a burst of flavors in every bite.

So tasty that I now make watermelon like this at home every summer!

This really is one of my go to restaurants, when we don't know what to eat but we know we don't wanna cook, Dig always saves the day :)

Let me know if you get the chance to check it out and what you get!

I hope this helps!

Bookmark this page for whenever you're looking for a good place to order from or are traveling to any of these locations & send to a friend :)


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