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Fully Body Flows
that you can remember & come back to
any time you need a 5 - 15 min break

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Z7X_4076 (1).jpg
Z7X_4086 copy.jpg

There are 2 versions
of each flow:

1. Step by step teaching


This version will help you get comfortable doing the flow and learn each position while slowly putting it all together. Great for learning a new flow for the first time and awesome for beginners!

2. Flow with me 

This version is great to do after you are familiar with the flow (or have done the step by step teaching at least once). The more times you flow with me, the easier it will be to remember when you're on your own!

Each flow is:

Small Space & Apartment Friendly! No Equipment Needed!

Specialty Flows available:

For Braids & Protective Styles

That's right! Finally! Yoga Flows for Braids! Protective styles can make life so much easier. However certain styles have even stopped me from doing yoga when I have them in. These flows are designed specifically to give you a pleasant experience and minimize the neck discomfort you may be having.

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