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Smoothie Bowl (Tropical Paradise)

Prep Time:

3 minutes

Cook Time:



Recipe by: WFPB Me

__Water, 1 cup

__Banana, 1

__Frozen Mango

__Frozen Pineapple

__Frozen Peaches

__Dates, 2, pitted

__Kale &/or Dandelion Greens, 1 handful

__Chia Seeds, 2 small spoonfuls (soak in water for at least 3 mins to gelatinize & essentially activate the Chia seeds)

__Hemp Seeds, 2 spoonfuls

__Ground Flaxseeds, 2 spoonfuls

Optional Add ins (either on top or bottom):

__Fresh Fruit of your choice (berries & bananas are my favorites)


__Pumpkin Seeds

__Sunflower Seeds


__Peanut Butter

__Date Syrup or Honey


Measurement Key:

Spoonful = 1 teaspoon (tsp)

Light layer = 1/2 - 1 tablespoon (tbsp)

Medium layer = 1.5 - 2 tablespoons (tbsp)

Heavy layer = 3 - 4 tablespoons (tbsp)

How To

Step 1

Scoop Chia seeds into a shot glass and fill to the top with water. Let sit.

Step 2

Add water to blender cup

Step 3

Add Banana

Step 4

Add the rest of the ingredients, add chia seeds last.

Step 5

Blend on high to your desired texture. 

If you have trouble blending: 

Use poking tool to remove air pockets OR remove blender from base and wiggle/shake it side to side a few times.


After a few tries if still not blending correctly, add a little more water.

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