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5 ways to eat hummus

How do you eat hummus? Have you ever thought of eating hummus as more than just a dip? Need some ideas? I got you!

When I first started eating whole food plant based, I was an occasional hummus eater. Meaning, if it was in front of me, I would eat it but I would never go out of my way to buy or get it for myself.

Now, hummus has become one of my favorite foods and ingredients to work with!

First of all, what is hummus?

Originating in the middle east, hummus is a very tasty spread/dip made of beans, tahini, lemon, and herbs/spices.

Traditional hummus is made with chickpeas but you can use any bean like black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, and more! Check out my garlic black bean hummus recipe here.

Now let's get into it: 5 ways to eat hummus

Whole Food Plant Based Charcuterie Board

1. As a dip

This is the most common way to eating hummus. I like to dip chopped veggies, fruit, and other snacks of all kinds into it. The perfect pairing for a plant based charcuterie board!

Hummus on an english muffin

2. As a spread

Use it on sandwiches as a replacement for mayo or on toast/bagels/english muffins as a replacement for butter or cream cheese. Sometimes, I add herbs/spices to the top before spreading it (like garlic, smoked paprika, or everything seasoning).

Hummus bbq sauce on vegetables

3. As a sauce

I love using hummus as a sauce for cooked veggies! It makes an awesome base for your flavor. You can use it in the same way you would use mayo, sour cream, ranch, bbq or any other kind of sauce. Adding herbs, spices and seasonings to this can also do wonders. I also sometimes add small amounts other sauces that I love the taste of. Hummus can really take on whatever flavors your pair it with!

roasted hummus potatoes and vegetables

4. As a batter

When I say batter, I mean to using the hummus as a coating for your plants before they are roasted or baked. Mixed with herbs spices and seasonings, this can create a thick, delicious batter for your food. You could even add breadcrumbs for added coating/crunch. Check out this recipe for inspiration!

Hummus glazed potatoes

5. As a glaze

You can turn your hummus into a glaze by combining the basic consistency of a sauce and using it as a batter. Can be SO flavorful and holds in moisture pretty well. Just season the hummus like you would for a sauce and add a little extra water to make it thinner. Then toss it all over your potatoes or veggies and bake! YUM!

I hope this helps you eat more hummus!

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