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10 Eco-Friendly Swaps For Your Home

Happy Earth Day!

I have been environmentally conscious my entire life. I have been conserving water and on the reduce, reuse, recycle train since I was in elementary school. I was very focused on buying "green" and recycled products to protect the planet, but not much concern ensuring that I also protect myself.

Did you know that the average woman absorbs 5 lbs of chemicals each year through her skin from makeup and chemical-based skincare products?

Only until I began my whole food plant based eating journey, did I consider the impact ingredients have on my body.

One of the great things about a plant based lifestyle is that it is not only what's best for your body, but also what's best for the environment.

The key is to start small and work toward your goals over time with smaller goals.

The first and cheapest thing you can do when transitioning to a non-toxic, low-waste, anti-chronic disease, whole food plant based lifestyle, is to use up what you already have.

There is no sense in creating more waste from half used products and wearable clothing. Over consumption is not sustainable, even if you are buying from 'sustainable' brands.

While finishing using knowingly toxic cleaning products, consider practicing opening windows and keeping the air well circulated. After these products are used, feel free to evaluate the container to see if it can be reused for something else. If so, be sure to clean it thoroughly.

Instead of throwing out all of your paper towels, and buying a bunch of new dish towels and cleaning rags; cut up old towels and/or old t-shirts and begin to use less paper towels as much as possible. When you do need to use them, try using them more efficiently: in smaller quantities and reuse them when you can.

Additionally, when the paper towel is out, try refraining from buying more. (Easier said than done, I know). To help with this, I suggest trying to keep them out of plain sight so that they aren't the your first resort when needing a towel. And find convenient, multiple locations for your towels/rags and dirty towel/rag containers.

Same thing with clothing, wear what you have and refrain from buying that material, brand, or item again.

Reusable, sustainably made household products are very helpful and can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Here’s 10 eco-friendly swaps for your home:

1. Disposable coffee filters

--> Reusable coffee filter

2. Plastic sandwich bags

--> Storage containers and reusable sandwich bags

3. Plastic wrap

--> Silicone covers or beeswax wraps

4. Used glass jars (from sauce, jelly, salsa)

--> Repurpose as cups, vases, and storage containers

5. Emptied candle jars

--> Repurpose as decorative holders and non-food storage containers

6. Plastic grocery and produce bags

--> Cloth shopping and produce bags

7. Single-use cotton facial pads

--> Washable bamboo cotton rounds

8. Plastic toothbrush

--> Bamboo toothbrush

9. Plastic containers for body and hair care products

--> Bar soaps & glass bottles

10. Liquid detergent and detergent pods

--> Laundry detergent sheets

Message me to find out my favorite, non-toxic, low-waste brands!

I hope this helps!

Bookmark this page to come back to it whenever you need some inspiration

& send to your eco friendly bestie :)


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